Dirty Electricity

It’s Not Just Wireless That’s Causing Health Problems

DTE’s so-called opt-out meter is just a smart meter with the wireless turned off. It will hurt you nearly as much as the smart meter because of the “dirty electricity” generated by the meter. If you wish to avoid the health (and privacy) problems associated with smart meters, then you must keep your analog meter.

Turning off the radiofrequency will not solve the health (or the privacy) problems associated with DTE and Consumers Energy smart meters.  Digital meters—whether or not “smart”—cause dirty electricity to flow through your home’s wiring. The problem is what is called the “switched mode power supply.” Switched mode power supplies are used to run the digital meter (whether a smart meter or DTE’s radio-off opt-out meter). In order for a smart meter to be powered, the 240 volts coming off the power line to the meter must be stepped down to 4–10 volts.  A switched mode power supply is the device used to step down the voltage from 240 volts to 4-10 volts. This generates an enormous amount of what is commonly known as “dirty electricity” and referred to by electricians and electrical engineers as “voltage transients,” “voltage harmonics,” “line noise,” and “power quality issues.”

Dirty electricity is a spiky, pulsed, highly variable electrical current that rides through all the circuitry of a building.  It has devastating health effects. Many people are already experiencing those effects, which include high blood pressure, tinnitus, insomnia, and cognitive difficulties. The Nevada Consumer Protection Bureau reached an agreement with the Nevada Public Utilities Commission to allow individuals to keep their analog meters in part because of health problems associated with the switched mode power supplies. Prevention Magazine reports on the hazards of dirty electricity.

line noise, dirty electricity, voltage, transient, harmonic, power, windmill, 60hzPeople who have had their smart meter’s wireless turned off are experiencing the same health problems as people with smart meters, just to a slightly lesser degree (click here to read their personal testimony and here for another story). Our cells cannot handle a highly variable current, and build up a sugar coating around themselves, which means it’s harder for nutrients to get in and wastes to get out. In addition, these electromagnetic currents cause the bonds holding DNA together to break, increasing the risk of cancer. Think of a jackhammer going off and on every day, 24/7. That is what the cells in your body experience. Even though you can’t feel it, it’s still hurting you. Brain cancers take 10 years to develop, and few people feel the cancer. In addition to all that, the electromagnetic frequencies knock calcium ions off the cell membrane, causing a host of effects.

DTE’s so-called opt-out meter is just a smart meter with the wireless turned off. It will hurt you nearly as much as the smart meter. Many older-style digital meter do not seem to create the dirty electricity problems that smart meters and so-called opt-out meters do. The reason is this: the older-style digital meters do not measure electricity in the fine-grained  manner that the new meters do. These meters are constantly active, recording data and making computations at up to millisecond intervals. This means  they are cycling—on-off, on-off—constantly. It is this on-off cycling that is part of what creates the spiky dirty electricity.  These new meters have what’s called a chopper circuit—the name is illustrative of what we’ve just been talking about—which rapidly switches the voltage on and off. In so doing, it creates ultra-high frequencies, and very sharp, fast  transient voltage spikes, up to 70,000 volts/second. Part of the reason some people hear their smart meter making sounds is that the ultra-high frequencies they generate can be picked up by some human ears.

The magnetic field generated is a huge part of the problem. The current running through your house is an electromagnetic current. When the electric current runs through the wiring, it generates a magnetic field at right angles to the electric current.  This means that you are surrounded in every dimension by an electromagnetic current—it’s like being at the center of a hurricane, with the wiring on all the walls, the ceiling lights, and the wires running through the basement completely encapsulating you. 

Broadband over powerline (BPL) and wind turbines cause the same dirty electricity problems.

See the following links for more information on switched mode power supplies:

See these links for pictures and more information on dirty electricity and/or switched mode power supplies.

Your privacy is still invaded. The radio-off opt-out meter still collects the same fine-grained usage data as a smart meter. The only thing that has been turned off is the radio-transmitter. None of the data-collection software has been turned off.




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Are you searching for information about Michigan electric utility DTE's advanced meters, also called smart meters, their opt-out program, and whether the radio-off meter will harm your health? Are you worried about costs, privacy, the environment, bees, frogs? Will it raise your rates? We know that many electromagnetic frequencies cause health problems, which are listed below. DTE’s advanced meter needs to be kept off your property. It emits microwave radiation. Don’t accept their opt-out meter. Cancer, DNA breaks, breaching of the blood-brain barrier. Consumer’s Energy and DTE are both installing these meters all over Michigan. The opt out will not help you because of the dirty electricity—power quality issues due to voltage transients and harmonics—caused by the switched mode power supplies of these meter. The most common health effects are tinnitus (ringing in the ears), insomnia, memory problems, anxiety in the body, and clenching the teeth. Endocrine (hormonal) problems are common, including thyroid and diabetes.

DTE will charge you $67 to install a dangerous meter and $9 to $9.80 per month to have a meter reader read it. Consumers Energy is charging even more. It’s important to keep you analog meter. Analog meters have no known health effects. What can you to to protect yourself from DTE and Consumers Energy advanced (smart) meters?

Did you receive DTE’s letter about the radio-off meter for the opt out, also called the nontransmitting meter? Did that letter say “Immediate Reply Required”? “What do I do?” you ask. Is a smart meter or advanced meter or digital meter bad for your health. Is it worse than a cell phone. Are the skeptics correct? Should you call DTE’s 800-477-4747 number to opt out? Should you not opt out? Are there alternatives? Did the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) make a bad decision? Is the radio-on meter O.K.? Is it worse than a baby monitor or a garage door opener? Can you say no to the installer? Do you have to have one of these meters on your home? Can businesses opt out? Can customers opt out? Has DTE considered the health effects? What happened in U-17000 and U-17658? Will customers win in the Michigan Court of Appeals? Did the Michigan Attorney General do enough in this rate case? Why weren’t the health effects and privacy issues for Michigan consumers considered? What about the elderly, children, and the disabled? Can you be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

The health effects of microwave radiation, electromagnetic frequencies, and non-ionizing radiation have been known for years. Cell phone studies show the harmful effects of RF. Health effects from these meters include health effects tinnitus insomnia headaches please add the lists from our website.

DTE is installing these meters in Dearborn Livonia Macomb County Wayne County Washtenaw County Genesee County Lapeer County Livingston County* Macomb County* Monroe County* Oakland County* Saint Clair County* Washtenaw County* Wayne County* Ann Arbor Plymouth Romulus Romeo Detroit Canton Livonia Northville South Lyon Dexter Ypsilanti Belleville Adrian, Lenawee County Dearborn Livonia Monroe, Monroe County Mount Clemens, Michigan, Macomb County Novi Pontiac, Oakland County Port Huron, St. Clair County Romulus, Royal Oak Birmingham Southfield Sterling Heights, Rochester hills, birmingham warren wayne flat rock tecumseh Troy Warren, Brighton Irish Hills Roseville St. Clair Shores Sterling Heights Utica Warren Center Line Eastpointe Fraser Auburn Hills Berkley Birmingham Bloomfield Hills Clarkston Clawson Farmington Farmington Hills 1 Ferndale Hazel Park Huntington Woods Keego Harbor Lake Angelus Lathrup Village Madison Heights Novi Oak Park Orchard Lake Village Pontiac (county seat) Rochester Rochester Hills Royal Oak South Lyon Southfield Sylvan Lake Troy Walled Lake Wixom Pleasant Ridge Allen Park Belleville Dearborn Heights Dearborn Detroit Ecorse Flat Rock Garden City Gibraltar Grosse Pointe Grosse Pointe Farms Grosse Pointe Park Grosse Pointe Woods Hamtramck Harper Woods Highland Park Inkster Lincoln Park Livonia Melvindale Northville Plymouth River Rouge Riverview Rockwood Romulus Southgate Taylor Trenton Wayne Westland Woodhaven Wyandotte Livingston County Howell Township Vassar Superior Township Scio Township Westland. Consumers in Allegan Muskegon Manchester Jackson Grand Rapids.  

Terms to Know

Advanced meter: smart meter (term used by DTE to hide the fact it is a smart meter).

AMI meter and AMI program: another name for the smart meter and the smart meter program. AMI stands for advanced metering infrastructure.

Blood-brain barrier: EMFs can cause the blood-brain barrier to be breached, allowing toxins to enter the brain. Toxin entry is thought to be partially responsible for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s.

Dirty electricity: spiky, pulsed electromagnetic field generated by smart meters that rides through building wiring and permeates the building’s rooms. Responsible for many of the health problems seen with smart and digital meters.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs): consist of an electrical field and a magnetic field. Fields are created by the flow of electrical current through the wire, sunlight, etc.  

Electromagnetic frequency: examples are 60 Hz electrical current of your home, RF of a cell phone. Often used interchangeably with electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS): sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Symptoms are complex and involve all bodily systems

Hydrogen bonds: Electrostatic bonds that help hold the DNA double helix together. Breakage of hydrogen bonds may cause changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. RF and other EMFs may disrupt the Hydrogen bonds.

Meter upgrade: the installation of an advanced (smart) meter on your home by DTE.

Microwave radiation: the type of radiation emitted by smart meters. Known to cause biological harm.

Non-transmitting meter: another name for the DTE and Consumers opt-out meters.

Opt-out meter: this is a smart meter. The only thing that is different is the radio-transmitter is turned off. It still generates dirty electricity, it still retains the two antennas, and it is only incrementally less harmful to your health. It can still record detailed information about your electrical usage.

Radio-disabled meter: another name for the DTE opt-out meter.

Radio-off meter: another name for the DTE opt-out meter.

Radiofrequency (RF): high-frequency electromagnetic waves in the range of 10 MHz to 300 Ghz. All wireless devices, including smart meters, cell phones, and Wi-Fi emit RF.

Switched mode power supplycontained in all smart meters, it creates dirty electricity.

van der Waals bonds: an extremely weak electromagnetic force that helps hold the DNA double helix together. Breakage of the van der Waals bond may cause changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. RF and other EMFs can disrupt the van der Waals bonds.