Alternative Energy


  1. Wind Turbines
  2. Solar Energy


Wind Turbines

Wind turbines cause many of the same health problems as smart meters. They also pose a severe hazard to birds, who crash into them in droves. A web search will turn up much information. Here is some information on health effects in Michigan, and on our neighbors in Canada.

CBC Presents: The Health Effects of Wind Turbines
The installation of wind turbines in areas of Ontario and Alberta, says the CBC in an hour-long special, “led to chronic sleeplessness for many people living close by—and that can lead to diabetes, depression and heart disease. Others were affected in their inner ears by low-level sounds that set off their equilibrium. Doctors started seeing patient after patient complaining of the same sets of symptoms. And then people started to realize that no one had done any significant human health studies before giving the green light to the turbine farms.”  Read and learn more more about wind energy.

Wind Turbine Dirty Electricity and Vibrations Causing Severe Health Problems in Michigan
Wind turbines generate dirty electricity, just like smart meters. People who live within 22 miles of wind turbines are experiencing tinnitus, insomnia, depression, and other problems, just like people exposed to smart meters.  Consumers Energy is being sued for the health effects its wind turbine south of Ludington is causing.

Residents in Mason County, near Ludington, MI, filed a lawsuit against Consumers Energy “claiming noise, vibrations and flickering lights generated by the 56 turbine facility are adversely impacting their health. Dizziness, sleeplessness and headaches are among the symptoms noted in the lawsuit.”   Read the full story about the Michigan wind turbines here.   Read more here as well.

Wind Turbine Rules Relaxed; Severe Impact on Eagles Foreseen
December 2013.  In one of the nation's biggest clashes between energy production and wildlife interests, the Obama Administration has come down on industry's side by going forward with a federal rule that allows wind-turbine operators to go 30 years without proving at length that their giant machines aren't killing bald eagles and golden eagles.
Kelly Fuller, former head of the American Bird Conservancy's wind campaign, said the Obama Administration has "decided to break the law and use eagles as lab rats."

The wind industry requested the rule change to help boost investor confidence in wind farms. Eagles are finally recovering from the onslaught of DDT, which for years industry claimed did not affect the health of humans or other animals. This is reminiscent of current claims that wind turbines and smart meters do not affect human health. Though the blades appear to move slowly, they can reach speeds of up to 170 mph at the tips, creating tornado-like vortexes.

The most likely scenario is that the rule change will entice smaller projects, such as one-turbine or two-turbine projects and machines that are shorter than the massive 1.7-megawatt, commercial-scale giants. This will lead to a proliferation of turbines in close proximity to homes, affecting not only the animal population, but the human population as well. Many people experience the same problems from wind turbines as from smart meters due to the dirty electricity they generate.

“I think the potential of being a chronic problem to the bald eagle population is there. If left unchecked, we're going to see a proliferation of these things over the next decade," said Mike Shieldcastle, who led Ohio's eagle-recovery efforts for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The reason: with a turbine or two here and there, the impact on eagles and other birds will be less dramatic. Then, about a decade from now -- when there are a smattering of such small projects -- the major wind companies likely would move in, citing data from their smaller counterparts to claim their impacts will be minimal.

Many of the smaller and midsized machines produce less than 1 megawatt. A megawatt is roughly the amount of electricity necessary to power 1,000 homes. Federal law does not require environmental-impact statements for projects in which fewer than 50 megawatts are produced.

Even the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates "that wind turbines may kill a half million birds a year." Researchers say the study understates U.S. eagle kills. The regulation was not subjected to a full environmental review because the administration classified it as an administrative change.


Solar Energy

The inverters used in solar panels generate dirty electricity and cannot be tolerated by the electrosensitive.



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Terms to Know

Advanced meter: smart meter (term used by DTE to hide the fact it is a smart meter).

AMI meter and AMI program: another name for the smart meter and the smart meter program. AMI stands for advanced metering infrastructure.

Blood-brain barrier: EMFs can cause the blood-brain barrier to be breached, allowing toxins to enter the brain. Toxin entry is thought to be partially responsible for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s.

Dirty electricity: spiky, pulsed electromagnetic field generated by smart meters that rides through building wiring and permeates the building’s rooms. Responsible for many of the health problems seen with smart and digital meters.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs): consist of an electrical field and a magnetic field. Fields are created by the flow of electrical current through the wire, sunlight, etc.  

Electromagnetic frequency: examples are 60 Hz electrical current of your home, RF of a cell phone. Often used interchangeably with electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS): sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Symptoms are complex and involve all bodily systems

Hydrogen bonds: Electrostatic bonds that help hold the DNA double helix together. Breakage of hydrogen bonds may cause changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. RF and other EMFs may disrupt the Hydrogen bonds.

Meter upgrade: the installation of an advanced (smart) meter on your home by DTE.

Microwave radiation: the type of radiation emitted by smart meters. Known to cause biological harm.

Non-transmitting meter: another name for the DTE and Consumers opt-out meters.

Opt-out meter: this is a smart meter. The only thing that is different is the radio-transmitter is turned off. It still generates dirty electricity, it still retains the two antennas, and it is only incrementally less harmful to your health. It can still record detailed information about your electrical usage.

Radio-disabled meter: another name for the DTE opt-out meter.

Radio-off meter: another name for the DTE opt-out meter.

Radiofrequency (RF): high-frequency electromagnetic waves in the range of 10 MHz to 300 Ghz. All wireless devices, including smart meters, cell phones, and Wi-Fi emit RF.

Switched mode power supplycontained in all smart meters, it creates dirty electricity.

van der Waals bonds: an extremely weak electromagnetic force that helps hold the DNA double helix together. Breakage of the van der Waals bond may cause changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. RF and other EMFs can disrupt the van der Waals bonds.