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Wind Turbine Dirty Electricity and Vibrations Causing Severe Health Problems in Michigan

Wind turbines generate dirty electricity, just like smart meters. People who live within 22 miles of wind turbines are experiencing tinnitus, insomnia, depression, and other problems, just like people exposed to smart meters.  Consumers Energy is being sued for the health effects its wind turbine south of Ludington is causing.

Residents in Mason County, near Ludington, MI, filed a lawsuit against Consumers Energy “claiming noise, vibrations and flickering lights generated by the 56 turbine facility are adversely impacting their health. Dizziness, sleeplessness and headaches are among the symptoms noted in the lawsuit.”   Read the full story about the Michigan wind turbines here.

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If AT&T and Verizon have their way, we can kiss our beloved landline phones goodbye. The Michigan Senate just voted to eliminate landlines. WRITE YOUR REP NOW!! There isn’t much time! This is the same Committee that refuses to take up Tom McMillin’s smart meter bill. The bill is on a fast track through the legislature.

AT&T wants to switch off all of its landline service, everywhere, by 2020. Customers will be given a choice of wireless or U-verse in urban areas and only wireless in rural ones.

Click here to find your representative. Write your representative today! There isn’t much time. This bill went through the Senate like wildfire. Click here for a sample letter: Word document; PDF. Click here for a letter one person just wrote: PDF.  See some additional letters people have written--#3, #4, #5. (We strongly suggest that you take parts of these letters and create your own. Too many of the exact same letters will not look good.)   See talking points below. Use the information on this page to add to the sample letter. Opposing the bill: AARP, Michigan Chiefs of Police, anti-monopoly groups, Rep. Henry Yanez of Sterling Heights. Supporting the bill: Reps. Jeff Irwin and Adam Zemke of Ann Arbor. Only 4 senators opposed the bill.  See their letters: Irwin; Zemke. They provide the arguments people make for the bill.

AT&T and Verizon are introducing legislation state-by-state that would put an end to land lines.  The legislation helps in the approval process for phone companies to begin phasing out landlines by 2017. The problem for those who are electro-sensitive is that the Internet-based land lines (VoIP) proposed to take the place of the current lines are intolerable.  They cause headaches, insomnia, and tinnitus—just like smart meters! They are also unreliable, which is why the Michigan Chiefs of Police and AARP oppose them.

The bills are fundamentally deregulation schemes dressed up with confusing language that makes legislators think the bills are about promoting better technology, therefore progress and jobs. Read more here  and here. Michigan has already passed the first part of this scheme, the Regulatory Modernization Act. Telephone companies want monopoly status, and this is one reason they want to get rid of copper lines. Federal law requires them to share their copper lines with competitors. There’s no such requirement for fiber. In 2010, Verizon urged the FCC not to modify its rules allowing carriers to retire copper lines. The bills are written by ALEC, an alliance of corporations and conservative activists who push for legislation that will benefit them and their pocketbooks. Read more here. Four out of five people use landlines for the majority of their phone and computer communication needs. The health, environmental, and social impacts are profound. Twenty-three states have already fallen for the telecoms’ schemes.

Only four senators voted against the bill: Sen. Glenn Anderson, D-Westland; Sen. Jack Brandenburg, R-Harrison Township; Sen. Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba; Sen. Geoff Hansen, R-Hart. Click here to see how your rep voted: http://states.aarp.org/heres-how-senate-voted-on-landline-elimination-bill/.

Consumer Reports cautions on fiber optic and VoIP lines: “Access to 911 is so important that we have long advised VoIP customers to maintain a separate, basic copper line, especially those without cell phones or who can’t receive a cellular signal from their homes. The concern will only deepen as more households switch over to VoIP and fiber systems and as telephone companies, motivated to cut costs, remove or simply deactivate the old copper lines that have been the backbone of the nation’s phone system for decades. The Federal Communications Commission estimates that about 28 percent of residential wireline 911 calls are made using VoIP service.

“The benefit of the old copper service is that, unlike fiber and hybrid-fiber lines, it carries not only the voice and data signals but also the power to operate a standard, non-cordless telephone. The phone company itself provides that power, which often keeps the phones working even when a problem at the power company knocks out electric service.

“But traditional copper telephone lines can’t handle the large amount of data required for television and high-speed Internet services, especially over long distances. Although advanced techniques can enhance copper’s capabilities, Verizon, AT&T, and most other companies are installing fiber or hybrid fiber lines, in some cases alongside the copper ones. We've found that telephone and cable company terms and conditions typically warn customers that these systems can’t maintain phone service indefinitely during a power failure, if at all.

“The problem is greatest with cable company VoIP services and with systems that use fiber lines all the way to the home, such as Verizon’s FiOS. It can be less of a concern with hybrid copper-fiber systems, in which copper lines carry the signal the last mile or so to the home. In those systems, carriers can maintain phone power by installing batteries and generators at the point where the fiber meets the copper, as AT&T and CenturyLink did in parts of the country during Hurricane Irene.”


Comment on these sites: http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/Plan-to-eliminate-landlines-in-Michigan-moves-forward/-/1719418/23348872/-/nya62mz/-/index.html

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Terms to Know

Advanced meter: smart meter (term used by DTE to hide the fact it is a smart meter).

AMI meter and AMI program: another name for the smart meter and the smart meter program. AMI stands for advanced metering infrastructure.

Blood-brain barrier: EMFs can cause the blood-brain barrier to be breached, allowing toxins to enter the brain. Toxin entry is thought to be partially responsible for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s.

Dirty electricity: spiky, pulsed electromagnetic field generated by smart meters that rides through building wiring and permeates the building’s rooms. Responsible for many of the health problems seen with smart and digital meters.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs): consist of an electrical field and a magnetic field. Fields are created by the flow of electrical current through the wire, sunlight, etc.  

Electromagnetic frequency: examples are 60 Hz electrical current of your home, RF of a cell phone. Often used interchangeably with electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS): sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Symptoms are complex and involve all bodily systems

Hydrogen bonds: Electrostatic bonds that help hold the DNA double helix together. Breakage of hydrogen bonds may cause changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. RF and other EMFs may disrupt the Hydrogen bonds.

Meter upgrade: the installation of an advanced (smart) meter on your home by DTE.

Microwave radiation: the type of radiation emitted by smart meters. Known to cause biological harm.

Non-transmitting meter: another name for the DTE and Consumers opt-out meters.

Opt-out meter: this is a smart meter. The only thing that is different is the radio-transmitter is turned off. It still generates dirty electricity, it still retains the two antennas, and it is only incrementally less harmful to your health. It can still record detailed information about your electrical usage.

Radio-disabled meter: another name for the DTE opt-out meter.

Radio-off meter: another name for the DTE opt-out meter.

Radiofrequency (RF): high-frequency electromagnetic waves in the range of 10 MHz to 300 Ghz. All wireless devices, including smart meters, cell phones, and Wi-Fi emit RF.

Switched mode power supplycontained in all smart meters, it creates dirty electricity.

van der Waals bonds: an extremely weak electromagnetic force that helps hold the DNA double helix together. Breakage of the van der Waals bond may cause changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. RF and other EMFs can disrupt the van der Waals bonds.