Capabilities of the Itron OpenWay Smart Meter


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This is the new Centron "OpenWay" meter that is being deployed by DTE. It is unknown at this time what the full potential is of these meters, because the firmware "software" that controls what the meter does can be changed remotely at any time, enabling new or enhanced capabilities that previously did not exist! Some of what we know now about these meters can be found below. More detailed information will be available as time goes on.


Modular design
  • Meaning that additional hardware capabilities can be added at a later date.

  • Ability to flash firmware remotely
  • Meaning that additional software functionality can be added at a later date.

  • Two-Way communication
  • Meaning that data can be sent to the meter, as well as received by the meter.

  • Calculations are done on the meter
  • Raw data calculation can be done on the meter itself via built-in CPU.
  • Typical measurement accuracy is roughly 0.3 percent.
  • Enabling Time of Use Pricing (TOU) & Critical Peak Pricing (CPP)
  • Enabling Variable Peak Pricing (VPP) & Peak Time Rebate (PTR)

  • RFLAN 900Mhz wireless radio for MESH network support
  • Allows the meter to communicate to other AMI meters and AMI collection devices.
  • Power output can be altered on some models

  • ZigBee 2.4Ghz wireless radio for HAN network support
  • Allows the meter to communicate with AMI gas meters and new smart appliances.
  • Supports management of up to 10 Home Area Network devices at a given time.

  • SiteScan Technology
  • Allows meter to detect situations like wiring errors on the property, reverse polarity, cross-phase and energy flow, inactive phase current, phase angle displacement, power factor and current waveform distortion.

  • Data storage capabilities
  • At 15-minute intervals, the meter can store over a year's worth of historical data

  • Remote disconnect switch
  • Allows the utility to remotely shut off your power from the meter.
  • Signified by the "D" in the meter type. (Ex. C2SOD and CN2SOD)

  • Tamper detections built-in
  • The meter can detect inversion, meter removal, and reverse power flow.
  • All of this in a nut shell means that this meter has a lot of capability, as well as more to come in the future when software is changed to meet demand.



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    Terms to Know

    Advanced meter: smart meter (term used by DTE to hide the fact it is a smart meter).

    AMI meter and AMI program: another name for the smart meter and the smart meter program. AMI stands for advanced metering infrastructure.

    Blood-brain barrier: EMFs can cause the blood-brain barrier to be breached, allowing toxins to enter the brain. Toxin entry is thought to be partially responsible for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s.

    Dirty electricity: spiky, pulsed electromagnetic field generated by smart meters that rides through building wiring and permeates the building’s rooms. Responsible for many of the health problems seen with smart and digital meters.

    Electromagnetic fields (EMFs): consist of an electrical field and a magnetic field. Fields are created by the flow of electrical current through the wire, sunlight, etc.  

    Electromagnetic frequency: examples are 60 Hz electrical current of your home, RF of a cell phone. Often used interchangeably with electromagnetic field.

    Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS): sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Symptoms are complex and involve all bodily systems

    Hydrogen bonds: Electrostatic bonds that help hold the DNA double helix together. Breakage of hydrogen bonds may cause changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. RF and other EMFs may disrupt the Hydrogen bonds.

    Meter upgrade: the installation of an advanced (smart) meter on your home by DTE.

    Microwave radiation: the type of radiation emitted by smart meters. Known to cause biological harm.

    Non-transmitting meter: another name for the DTE and Consumers opt-out meters.

    Opt-out meter: this is a smart meter. The only thing that is different is the radio-transmitter is turned off. It still generates dirty electricity, it still retains the two antennas, and it is only incrementally less harmful to your health. It can still record detailed information about your electrical usage.

    Radio-disabled meter: another name for the DTE opt-out meter.

    Radio-off meter: another name for the DTE opt-out meter.

    Radiofrequency (RF): high-frequency electromagnetic waves in the range of 10 MHz to 300 Ghz. All wireless devices, including smart meters, cell phones, and Wi-Fi emit RF.

    Switched mode power supplycontained in all smart meters, it creates dirty electricity.

    van der Waals bonds: an extremely weak electromagnetic force that helps hold the DNA double helix together. Breakage of the van der Waals bond may cause changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. RF and other EMFs can disrupt the van der Waals bonds.